Nov 29-30, Topodrone team took part at Drones in Finish Agricultural & Forestry congress Naantali, Finland


At the company’s booth, a wide range of upgraded DJI drones for precise survey and agricultural tasks were presented, as well as EMLID GNSS equipment, distributed by Topodrone.


During flight show we made UAV survey over test area. Flights were carried out by DJI PHANTOM 4PRO PPK and DJI MATRICE 200 PPK in the difficult weather conditions with a gusting wind speed up to 15 m/sec.

Fig.3. Mission planning

The entire process of photogrammetry data processing, 3D model generating was performed together with  conference participants.

Fig.4. Data processing

Fig.5. Data processing

4 – 5 cm x,y,z accuracy of 3D model was achieved thanks to the developed by Topodrone algorithm of GNSS & IMU data postprocessing. No ground points were used for aerial data photo triangulation. For accuracy estimating checkpoints with well-known coordinates were used.

Fig.6. 3D model

Fig.7. 3D model

Fig.8. 3D model

Fig.9. 3D model

The great interest of participants  was aroused by presentation of Natural Resources Institute of Finland (LUKE) about the experience of using DJI drones with additionally installed multispectral camera and a high-precision geodetic GNSS receiver for forests monitoring and scaling.

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