Topodrone for constructions

Topodrone offers wide range of mapping & survey services in the field of design and construction.

With our advanced drone technology we can survey large areas of land more accurately and faster than conventional survey techniques, providing our clients with 3D models, contours and digital elevation models with rapid turnaround.


At the first stage, we establish a network of geodetic benchmarks. This marks made on a monument having a known location and elevation determined by GNSS measurements, serving as a reference point for surveying.

At the second stage we carry out aerial photo or Lidar survey of the territory using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) as well as instrumental topographic survey of underground communications.



Our UAVs equipped with an integrated high-precision GNSS receiver or Lidar make it possible to automatically obtain 3D model of the territory with centimeter level accuracy and can provide you with much-needed details regarding the landscape and surrounding areas. This cuts down on equipment and manpower costs, and it offers contractors the ability to make well-informed estimates and decisions prior to accepting contracts or breaking ground.




A large site, such as 40 hectares, can take 2 people 1 week using traditional survey methods. This can be risky due to the need to climb all over the site. With our advanced Drones technology we can map the same area and capture the site in digital format in 3 hours: 1 hour to plan and fly, 1 hour to process, and 1 hour to review data with the customer.

As a result, we provide clients with

  • Benchmarks with known coordinates, installed on the site which can be used for further construction.
  • Accurate and detailed 3D models of the territory
  • Digital elevation models
  • Up to date topographical maps or GIS layers in scale 1: 500 – 1: 5000


During construction, our drones will fly every day to monitor the work in progress.

The processing results of aerial photography and video shooting from the drone can be compared with the finished design and each day, the exact amount of work completed is known.

When construction is finished, the actual work can be compared with the design, to make sure completion is exact. Also, we can create full documentation (2D map, 3D model) for keeping a record of the “as-built”. This is given to the owner and the government in most cases.



Pic.3 3D MODEL


Digital terrain model (DTM)

Pic.4 Digital terrain model (DTM)



Pic.5 Orthophoto


Topographical Map in scale 1: 500

Pic.6 Topographical Map in scale 1: 500

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