Toposetter is easy to use software for images geotagging and replacing navigation position from images EXIF tags by accurate coordinates after GNSS post processing. Works perfectly with photos captured by any DJI drones and RTK LIB postprocessing software

The following futures were added:

  1. JPG, TIFF, DNG format support
  2. Setting up x,y,z, camera offset
  3. Adjustment of antenna position for antenna tilt

User’s manual:

  1. Select folder with images



2. Select event.pos file



3. Select an appropriate photo and record in event.pos file


4.Click Step 3

5. Set tolerance 1sec


5. Application will create a list of photos with precise coordinates. Q=1 everything OK , q=5 no solution
6. Update EXIF metadata and/or Save list of coordinates in .txt file.

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